“Meditation is a state of silence;
meditation is a state of no desire;
meditation is a state of no past, no future;
meditation is a state when you are not doing anything,
just cherishing your being.
You are just happy that you are, happy that you are breathing,
simply happy for no reason at all.
In those moments, there is meditation.” – Osho

At Homeplace we practice Osho’s active meditation cycles because the man of the 21st century is quite different to the man who meditated in India 15 centuries ago. The modern man is completely occupied by his thoughts. The center of his being has become his mind and every moment is filled with thoughts, goals, plans and worries about the future. The modern man almost has no moments during the day when he is relived of thought, when he is free to exist as he is.

Osho has developed active meditation for the very purpose of allowing the modern man to return the center of his being back to his heart and by doing so get in touch with his desires, return to his own body and the awakening of the energy within. Active meditation brings us to the present moment and through movement, breathing and chaos brings presence in one’s own body, here and now. In doing so we are given a chance to let go of the worries, thoughts, projections of the future and dwellings on the past, and focusing instead on existing only in the present moment.

Each one of these valuable moments of presence in the present brings with it a feeling of peace and relaxation and is a reminder that our being has all the right answers, when we give it room to be.