AUM Meditation with Vardha – March 2021

AUM Meditation with Vardha - March 2021

AUM Meditation. From sound to soundlessness…

From the outer to the inner…

From the periphery to the center…

This meditation makes it easy to go in, to find the silence within, to just be…

Duration of the meditation session: 1 hour

When and where does the event take place?

When: Saturday, March 20th, 4 pm

Where: Online/ ZOOM

Price: 10 euros (1200 RSD), for members of Homeplace the price is 700 RSD.

About Vardha:


Vardha started to enter into meditation and self exploration in 2002. Starting with active meditations and meditative therapies as well as other meditation traditions, he experimented over the years with different kinds of breathwork (Diamond Breath, Biodynamic Breath, Rebirthing, Holotropic Breath, Pranayama and others) and came to his own understanding on how to integrate breath in the work of personal transformation.

He has continuous practice in self-inquiry with using koans and The Work of Byron Katie since 2005 when he met Katie for the first time and participated in many of her School’s and Retreats.

The format Sharing The Present Moment is his newest creation, which helps to bring meditativeness into relating with others.

Further experience and qualifications include NLP, Transomatic Dialogue/Trance, Iyengar Yoga, Systemic coaching and organisational development, Learning Coaching, Diverse Personality Models (e.g. DISC, Graves Values, Reichian Personality Types), Reiki and others.

Working globally full-time as a facilitator with individuals, groups, and organizations, he’s had the privilege of sitting with people from all walks of life, applying his idea of reconnecting with ones own inner wisdom.


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