Training Program: Transformative Breath-Work / Breath Training for Inner Transformation

Transformacija kroz dah


The training is organised by Centar za razvoj i radost (Center for Inner Development and Joy)

Training Program Founders: Pushan Govind & Anand Shama

This 2-year training consisting of 4 modules starts this May 2019. The training is international and open to people from other countries. The training is intended for all professionals working with people (psychotherapists from different therapeutic directions, yoga instructors, body workers, holistic counsellors for personal development) as well as other who wish to deepen their knowledge about breath work and their own experience.

The requirement to complete the transformative breath training is:

  • To complete the 4 modules as they are complementary to each other;
  • To complete 10 supervision sessions with one of the team members within 2 years of the training:
  • To complete 10 individual SE& Trauma Healing Sessions with certified SE practitioner within 2 years of the training.

Through experiential training program we will learn how to work with others in breath sessions including some trauma resolution work. Through intensive work on our own experience, we will have a chance to personally go through different methods of work and in that way gain deeper understanding of what we want to offer to our future clients.

Through this training, we will learn a new way of supporting others on the path of personal transformation and healing. We will also have a chance to look deeper into our own inner dynamics, unconscious patterns, unresolved traumas as well as our resources and strengths in life.

In our work, we will use Somatic Experiencing techniques, Bodynamics, Bioenergetics, principals of Reich’s work, Pulsation and Diamond Breath Work.

The group is formed at the beginning and is closed for all 4 modules. There are limited number of slots available to maintain the quality of work.

Training fee for each training module: 350 EUR.
Fee for individual SE sessions and supervision sessions: 40 EUR

The first module will be organized from 4 – 9 May 2019.
The second module is scheduled for September 27 – October 01, 2019.

DOWNLOAD: Training Program: Transformative Breath-Work / Breath Training for Inner Transformation (.docx)

To apply for the training or learn more about each module please contact us.

Applications and contact:
Phone: +381 63 241 499

More about the trainers and their work at: