Classes of yoga for kids have the same structure as yoga classes for adults, the only difference being the methodology used for working with kids – meaning more fun. Every class for kids is made up of a combination clearly structured and spontaneous parts, so that the kids can express themselves in a better and more creative way.

During the introductory part we warm up, after which we do yoga positions and in the end we relax and loosen up. Through this structure many themes are covered, and the kids have fun by reading, singing, playing and doing yoga positions, experiencing the activities not as a chore, but rather as a relaxation and a break from school responsibilities.

The classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere where every child is free to freely express hers or his individuality. In a space without competition, they feel safe and content. Friendships are made, and the kids are free to explore their full potential in the rhythm of their own natural development.

During each class, animals, nature and objects come to life through yoga positions, games, activities, music and stories. Through motion we learn to move our bodies in new, creative ways which kids find entertaining. For additional questions, feel free to contact us or check our Yoga for kids FAQs.


Family yoga classes present an opportunity for kids and parents to bond and focus their attention on each other through quality time. Through games, stories, a playful and spontaneous atmosphere, kids and parents strengthen the feelings of closeness and connection. The parents enter their children’s playful worlds full of imagination, giving them room to be who they are, without any need for change. By exercising together, they strengthen their spirit, create a good mood and grow mutual trust.

Family yoga classes are workshops held once a month and lasting for 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is a chance for parents to see how classes of yoga for kids work. These classes are drop in (every class is payed for individually).