SELF INQUIRY – Online Intro Workshop

SELF INQUIRY - Online Intro Workshop (maj 2021)

What it’s about:

To inquire into who we are is as old as mankind  and a very potent way for a deep exploration of your Self.

This approach, being based on various traditions of self-reflection and yet free of any kind of scriptures or masters, is tailored and suitable for the times we live in.

Instead of getting lost in philosophies or doing mental gymnastics, this process aims for something more profound, lasting and meaningful: a direct experience of who you are!

It is an opportunity for you:

to get the taste,

to get the feeling,

to get the experience

of how this ancient and yet contemporary method works.

This Intro gives you the right taste for the 3 or 6-day retreats which are being held all over the year in all corners of the world.

Your potential benefits:

  • Less attachment to personal stories and dramas
  • Higher endurance and resilience to stress
  • Becoming a true listener
  • Higher ability to expressing yourself in a broader and deeper way
  • Stronger connection with yourself
  • Being more in touch with sensations, feelings and emotions
  • Growing compassion towards others and yourself.

If you have ever wondered, who is that person looking back at you from the mirror, this event might be for you…

When and where does the event take place?

When: Sunday, May 16th, 11.00-13.30 h (CEST)

Where: Online/ ZOOM

Price: 20 EUR (contact us by our email address for payment details)

Duration of the online workshop: 2,5 hours


Dražen Pramod Šivak

Dražen Pramod Šivak (

Dražen Šivak, through his career and experience in acting and acting pedagogy, began his journey through art where he gained experience in different acting techniques and approaches. That’s where his interest in deeper understanding of himself awoke and he found meditation which became his practice. He is undertaking training in the processes of Intense awareness and Inner judge under Ganga Cording and Avikala Costantin. He’s a certified hypnotherapist and a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Through his dedicated and devoted approach to every client he treats everyone with respect and understanding giving them the space to uncover their own individual potential.

If you have any questions or you need additional information, please contact us by our email address or by phone number 0641746918.